Mortlach Press Launch

The Beast of Dufftown took on a whole new meaning at Victor Churchill’s Butcher Shop.

It’s a liquid that harks back to a time when whiskies were bigger, bolder, darker. It’s earthy, meaty roots are not what you would expect from Speyside. In fact it is rarely found. But beneath it’s dark reduction there is it’s startling beauty; Established in 1823 during an age of great achievement, Mortlach tells the story of pioneering Victorian engineering heritage delivered through the quality & undeniable expertise of a true craftsman.

And where better to launch this whisky to the Australian media than iconic butcher Victor Churchill, renowned for it’s association to beautiful architecture and tradition.

Sweet&Chilli were tasked to come up with an event, which would successfully tell the story of Mortlach and capture the imaginations of the guests who attended. Focusing on the important links to craftsmanship, we invited guests to rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship through a journey of unusual and unique craftsmanship in our everyday. Hosted by Mortlach Global Brand Ambassador Georgie Bell guests enjoyed an evening of craft experiences as they unraveled the powerful flavour profiles of the unique Speyside liquid.


Professional ice carving, butchery and engraving demonstrations were uniquely paired with three different variants of the liquid; Mortlach Rare Old, 18y & 25y. Guests left not only with an understanding of the Mortlach brand and the different ways it can be consumed neat, but a bottle of Mortlach engraved with the Harbour Bridge and representative of our own architectural wonders here in Australia.