Merchant's Heart Spirit Enhancer

Merchant’s Heart is a new premium mixer range from LRSuntory launched in the winter of 2015. The range includes 4 variants of tonic water, a ginger ale & a fresh lemon drink.


Sweet&Chilli’s involvement in the project begun at it’s inception in June 2015 when LRSuntory tasked us to work alongside their internal research & development team to create a range of mixers that complemented the spirit it was paired alongside.  The team worked on profiling the each variant through meticulous testing & worked with EARN Media in the creation & development of the brand itself.  After 6 months of testing liquids the final products were ready to be introduced into the market in December 2015.  Sweet&Chilli then oversaw a test period where the product was placed into key accounts such as Happiness Forgets, Callooh Callay & Hawksmoor Spitalfields, for a soft launch period prior to public launch in June 2016.


Sweet&Chilli’s involvement with the project continues in an advisory role & manages the Merchant’s Heart Ambassador as part of its on going consultancy in addition to working on new future variants with the team.