GTME World Class Training Program

Diageo’s World Class Training Program seeks to elevate the bartending craft and revolutionize fine drinking experiences for cruise liner guests. Organised by the Diageo Global Travel & Middle East team, the bartenders have the opportunity to go on to compete in the Global World Class Bartender of the Year competition.


In 2014 Sweet&Chilli recruited and managed experienced trainers who could deliver their global curriculum specifically for the cruise liner market. With active & retained global staffing resources, we are in a unique position to consistently provide highly experienced & professional staffing. Our global reach ensures that we can offer cost effective options without compromising on training standards.


In 2014/15, Sweet&Chilli provided training sessions across 8 cruise liners throughout Europe, Asia, Australia & South America - training over 200 bartenders & equipping them with ‘World Class’ skills. With a dedicated Account Manager to oversee the project we ensured everything from planning to delivery, reporting and execution was managed efficiently. Post-session feedback was collated & packaged from every session, allowing reporting back into the business to be swift, concise & relevant.

We look forward to the 2016 program & beyond!