Grand Marnier - Hidden Charm

In 2014 we were tasked with revitalising the Grand Marnier brand for the UK festival & events scene, with the aim of shifting the brand identity & engaging a younger generation of Grand Marnier consumers. The creative execution of the brand included the design and production of an immersive mobile venue, which could pop up at festivals across the UK and help redefine brand perception.


Going back to the essence of the brand ‘Hidden Charm’ was born. This celebrated both tradition & modernity, a typical Parisian bistro exterior concealing a vibrant secret inside. The new world of Grand Marnier was contemporary, cheeky & utterly charming. Once inside the doors guests enjoyed a world of music, conversation and exquisite cocktails.


Activating at No. 6 Festival, Love Supreme, Isle of Wight & Big Feastival for 2 years consecutively - this secret spot quickly became the ‘Hidden’ gem at each event & brought Grand Marnier’s charm to a new & receptive audience.