Cocktails at Home

The spirits category has huge growth potential. The last few years has seen consumers become more interested in how they drink spirits and interact with them. In response Diageo focused much of their activity in 2014 on a ‘Spirits Revolution’ aiming to educate publicans and licensees about how they could inspire customers to choose spirits, educate bar staff to upsell and support them to achieve consistent quality through the perfect serve.


As part of this strategy we were briefed to develop an approachable and interactive cocktail masterclass, which would help consumers to understand cocktails. The team set about designing a full training platform build on a simple system that consumers could use to recreate multiple cocktails with readily available products at home. The program was designed for food & drink focused consumer shows such as Taste of London & the BBC Good Food Shows.

After the phenomenal success of ‘Cocktails at Home’ in 2014, Sweet&Chilli will once again build & deliver the activity at all of the BBC Good Food Shows in November 2015.

Feedback from Cocktails at Home session at Taste of Winter 2014:


100% of attendees said they would recommend the masterclass to friends or family


100% would be confident to show off their new skills when they next host a party


79% of attendees were more likely to order a cocktail/mixed drink in a bar over wine, beer or cider


93% were more likely to serve cocktails/mixed drinks over wine, beer or cider when hosting at home


Participant quotes:


“I would like to take the time to say how wonderful the cocktail event was.  I would definitely be back if this is added to the winter show”


“This was an excellent experience, so good in fact that we did it twice!”


“This was an amazing demo showing that cocktails are really down to earth while appearing exotic.  One of the best demos I’ve been to”