Red Bull On-Trade Training

In 2014, as part of their marketing support offering, Red Bull UK approached Sweet&Chilli to create an ongoing training program for staff at their key national accounts. Specifically focusing on upselling & customer service training Sweet&Chilli produced a modulated training curriculum to be used across their on-trade client portfolio. The training not only supported Red Bull’s brand message & developed sales of both new & existing SKU’s, it also provided their customers with a range of relevant skills with which to develop their own businesses.

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One key client was Luminar Leisure (now Deltic Group) with whom we trained their lower tier management to improve customer service & upselling within their venues. This was implemented across the estate and included multiple regional sites in each session, with some impressive results:

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Over the 3 months immediately following the training, Red Bull dramatically increased its share of the functional drinks category within Luminar venues, leading to very significant net increase in revenue over those 3 months.

A superb result and a project that will now roll out to multiple national accounts.

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