About us

Sweet&Chilli launched in 2002 after identifying a gap in the industry for drinks specialists with a passion for events. After seven successful years running bar operations and brand campaigns across Europe our award winning team of drinks experts landed on Australian shores in 2009 to launch our Sydney office. 

So what exactly do we do?

  • We execute effective drinks campaigns for brands based on insight, relevance & creativity
  • We develop new products and collaborate with clients to launch them into the marketplace
  • We manage premium bar operations at the world’s most prestigious events, alongside bespoke experiences for our private clients
  • We teach bar professionals about their craft & help bar owners maximize success in their venues 

Our award winning team of drinks experts has over 13 years experience working in the global drinks industry. From internationally accredited bartenders to market leading drinks consultants, trainers, event managers and creative producers we count ourselves lucky to work with some of the best talent in the business to create bespoke solutions for our clients.

Come on, experience drinks as they were intended!