Ray Ban

As the folklore tells, Ray-Ban’s not so secret society ‘The Order of Never Hide’ aims to preserve some of mankind’s most treasured qualities, like individuality, eccentricity, and the ability to rollerskate in spandex while singing La Cucaracha. At the invite-only event, which took place on Thursday 4<sup>th</sup> December 2014 at The Paramount Building in Sydney’s Surry Hills, they put their mission to ‘Never Hide’ to the test.


Featuring multi-level themed rooms, interactive art instillations and a secret room, Sweet&Chilli were brought in to design three bespoke cocktail menus that would bring each theme to life through specially curated fine drinking experiences.


To fully experience the leather, denim and red velvet rooms and capture consumer imagination we brought each signature serve to life through bespoke serving vessels, bar styling & design, staff uniforms and hair & makeup. The result was a high energy pre Christmas bash like no other.