Bundaberg Distillatorium

The Bundaberg Distillatorium is a mobile distillery experience with a premium self-contained bar & private tasting den for consumers to enjoy the taste of Bundaberg Rum. Activating for over 60 days each year across 20 different events the Distillatorium aims to educate rum lovers across Australia about the Bundaberg liquid.


For brands, getting their product in the hands of consumers is critical to business growth. We have vast experience in planning, creating and implementing experiential sampling campaigns for alcohol brands, & delivering cut through results. As part of this ongoing activation Sweet&Chilli ensure that the brand achieves effective liquid to lip samples & increases the number of Bundaberg adorers. To ensure this we have installed a travelling Bundaberg ambassador, developing the relevant content & scripts for the master class room to ensure that each consumer leaves with a full and exciting understanding of the brand.


This year the Distillatorium saw 150,000 people taste the Bundaberg liquid. We will continue to educate & inspire rum lovers across the country with the deliciously premium world of the Bundaberg Master Distiller’s Collection!