Tourism Australia

Sweet&Chilli worked with Tourism Australia to produce and showcase the country’s youth offerings, focusing on the launch of their ‘Aussie News Today’ campaign built around the creation of a global youth news. Focused on revealing daily life in Australia as the antidote to the negative news in the world, Aussie News Today (ANT) is made up of all the good news the world needs, as the campaign aims to spread Australian positivity to the youth of the world, inspiring them to plan a trip down under.


With the Federal Minister for Tourism, media, industry partners, government and more in attendance, our staff were tasked with showcasing the many offerings available to youth in an immersive, visual and shareable way, naturally bringing guests the best of Australia’s produce from the rooftop of one the YHA youth hostels, overlooking Sydney’s Darling Harbour.


On top of hosting a bar and consulting on a range of drinks, we recruited ex Jamie Oliver co-worker chef Stuart Toon to talk about the abundance of native ingredients formulating the drinks and appropriately styled across the venue in series of stacked crates and authentic vessels. An interactive Bloody Mary station was also produced and hosted providing guests with an experience to go home, share and want to re-create.

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