Rocker Venue Consultancy

Not just known for making great drinks, we got creative and constructive last year as our consultancy arm of the business set sail to launch Rocker, Bondi’s hippest new bar and restaurant.


Having provided venue consultancy across a range of bars and hotels across the country, the project involved full refurbishment of the existing bar, putting everything into making the location the hit it’s become. In the hands of Sweet&Chilli’s Managing Director Cam Northway, Senior Account Manager Ian Clark and Executive Chef Darren Robinson (Three Blue Ducks), the team managed all creative design and execution, food and beverage consultancy and website design, as well as the current every day running to make it the successful bar and restaurant venue it is today.


Aptly named ‘Rocker’, referring to the curvature of the bottom of a surfboard, the interior channels a coastal look and feel with blue tabletops and pale timber chairs, hanging fernery, with daily specials and bar menus on butcher’s paper adding to the casual beachside appeal.

In the first year alone, the venue has won a series of awards namely, a Chef’s Hat c/o Good Food Guide 2018. With glimpses of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, it’s the perfect place for drinks and snacks with a sole focus on small producers who create natural wines and craft beer, as well as conventional drops popular from around the world, not forgetting awesome cocktails.