BRAND EXPERIENCE: Bringing all things gin to Sydney locals with 'Ginny Brings'

To cater for Australia’s love of gin and backyard entertaining, Sweet&Chilli worked on consumer engagement activity for Tanqueray, teaming up with home delivery alcohol service Jimmy Brings to invite a flawless gin and tonic to ‘your place’.


Hero’ing the full Tanqueray range with Fever Tree tonic and fresh citrus garnishes, upon purchasing a bottle of gin online, consumers had the option to ‘summon Ginny’, who if selected, would arrive at a Sydney-siders door within 30 minutes to serve up crisp, delicious drinks at their party.

Rolling out across four weekends, the service aimed to surprise and delight, as well as educate gin fans on how to make the perfect G&T. Needless to say, the service was a hit, as our staff jumped into the shoes of ‘Ginny’ to provide a memorable experience to all those in need of a tipple or two.