ADVOCACY: Hosting Bartenders in Bundaberg

Sweet&Chilli worked with the Diageo Queensland (Australia) team to host an advocacy trip for 25 of the country's brightest bartending minds to attend a once in a lifetime excursion to the home of Bundaberg Rum (aka 'Bundy'). 


Showcasing more the just a distillery visit, we wanted bartenders to go home with a totally unique and one-off experience to create a stand-out allegiance to Bundaberg as a brand and a rum they’d be proud of serving and suggesting to their customers. The team arranged visits to several working farms to learn about the produce that's grown locally within the tropical climate and volcanic soil. It’s this melting pot that creates the ideal conditions for an abundance of wholesome fruit and vegetables and ultimately the best quality sugar cane, leading to Bundy being produced exclusively from this product.

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After an extensive distillery tour and tasting, each bartender blended their own custom Bundaberg Small Batch, complete with their venue’s logo on the bottle for exclusive use on their back-bars. The trip culminated in an incredible meal cooked by Jessica Arnott, former NSW based Brand Ambassador and Masterchef alumni, using all local produce to craft an amazing dining experience matched with Bundaberg cocktails and a tasting of the exclusive ‘130<sup>th</sup>Anniversary’ batch.

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“It goes without saying that you put together an incredible program and the entire S&C team executed flawlessly and with such great detail – nothing went unthought-of.” 

- Alana Lucci, Diageo Brand Manager – Rum


“The trip blew our expectations. We really appreciate the effort put in by all parties in educating the group and letting us experience first-hand on what Bundaberg has to offer. Not only was the distillery aspect of the trip a great learning opportunity but so was involving an activity each day focused on showcasing the city.”

– Ebony Lane, Bar Manager (The Stables, Perth)

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Overall, a great boost to Bundaberg’s reputation in trade and the start of more great advocacy work in the future.