Be Natural

Putting 'a lid’ on drinks, the production team at Sweet&Chilli were tasked in hosting a brand activation event for the re-launch of ‘Be Natural’ in Australia. 


Labeled the ‘Be Natural Sanctuary’, the event was hosted at Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens Restaurant, educating media and healthcare professionals on the cereal brand’s latest key offerings and providing guests with an informed and memorable natural breakfast experience. 


Coming up with various immersive concept ideas and engagements, we designed and styled four areas. Featuring a ‘Blue Zone Market’ showcasing foods people eat in areas across the globe with the longest life expectancy, a ‘Be Natural Breakfast Bar’, a ‘Pedal Power Station’ with blenders installed on bikes encouraging people to make their own smoothie as well as a bespoke ‘Coconut Fountain’ designed to encourage people to trial coconut water with their cereal as a substitute to dairy. A live ‘Be Natural Media Wall’ with a variety of natural raw ingredients such as nuts, plants and grains forming the ‘Be Natural’ logo acted as an impressive backdrop for speakers to deliver presentations and guests have their photos captured. 


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